Claudio Rodríguez

Software Architect

I am a detail-oriented, highly adaptable software architect, currently focusing heavily on Javascript as a full-stack language, using mostly React, Redux and Node.js. I'm an official Node.js project collaborator, and as such I involve myself deeply in the future of JS itself. I love teaming up with other great people and designing software of the greatest possible quality. I especially enjoy it when the end-users have a great time.

Work experience:

Full-stack JS Developer (React/Redux, Node.js) at MailOnline (9 months, current)

Developing full-stack applications and front-end components using React, Redux, Webpack, and Node.js. Scalability, clarity of code and comprehensive test coverage were main concerns.

MEAN Stack Tech Lead / Architect at FWTV (4+ years)

Starting from the company's birth, I selected a team of talented developers (which shifted throughout the years between 4 and 6 people), and then led them through the creation of several MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) apps, whose architectures I designed, and then updated, according to the company's changing needs.

I designed a REST API and various front-end apps, which, during the later stages, included an AngularJS-based website, a React dashboard, and an Ionic-based mobile app powered by the Apache Cordova platform. Also designed Business Intelligence tools to enable the heads of other departments to extract useful information from our Hadoop cluster.

Software development aside, I managed the company's relationship with various tech service providers, including contract negotiation and management of external teams.
During my time there, I spent a lot of time working on video streaming and encoding, both live and on-demand. I dealt with performance issues, ingest/processing workflows, encoding parameters optimization and the like.

PHP5 + Symfony Tech Lead / Architect at Trix Solutions (2 years)

Established and maintained a completely new tech stack (Using Symfony, a PHP5 MVC, OOP framework, postgreSQL with Doctrine ORM) and work methodology (including code versioning). Designed several products ranging from a huge corporate intranet app, to a user-oriented complex business matchmaking app.

PHP Developer at Various companies (~4 years)

Worked as a PHP developer in several companies, both on frontend and backend.